Bienvenue Chez Lumanpauw!

Our family had been looking to welcome our closest friends and relatives to our new home for quite a while and we finally decided that my mom’s birthday would be a perfect event to tie our housewarming celebration with. I received close to one thousand photographs from a day that was trailed with three events. In the afternoon, it was a ladies luncheon gathering. My mom, being the creative genius that she is, decided she wanted to set the theme of the afternoon to be “Lady in Yellow” to match the gold undertone of our interior. It worked out fantastic. To balance the calories intake, we had engineered a series of activities that would burn those calories off starting from karaoke to line dancing. For the dinnertime celebration, we welcomed ten couples of what I would call my parents’ closest confidants. The dress code was Kebayak Peranakan for the ladies and Batik button-up for the gentlemen. For my non Indonesian readers, these are our traditional clothings. As the evening slumbers into midnight, the ladies changed into evening gowns for the after hour cocktail. It was in this segment that each of them gave a small speech congratulating our family. Yes, my mom made her guests bring mini luggages and turned my bedroom to a temporary dressing room for them to remake over. Throughout the day, electone and microphone did not stop humming, karaoke is always part of the celebration. I selected a few out of one thousand I received. Enjoy!

To all who have attended, thank you for your love and support, this house is even more a home with your presence.