If People Are Going to Stare, Make It Worth Their While

Being noticed seems to be the ultimate goal for many who are looking to slay the imaginative costume contest in any given events that they deem to be the “Oscars” of their league. We get it, being noticed can lead to many flattering opportunities. If it were the eye of a photographer, you would end up on a glossy paper of society pages, or prestigious photo-stocking agency where your pose could be valued for hundreds of bucks. If it were the prince charming you happen to pass by, girl, you can become the next Meghan Markle. There is no underestimating in the value of being noticed, but how does one manage to be noticed for the correct reason? It is a tricky game that even the most up-beat player whom you envy can miss it.

We have plenty of experience under our belt when it comes to filtering the runway for our readers and bringing to you what we think you should be aware of for the season. A veteran to the red carpet and international scale galas, Christian Siriano, celebrated his tenth-year anniversary along with the debut of his Fall/Winter 2018 collection. As soon as the first look made her way on the runway, we knew this was going to be an ideal capsule for you who were anticipating to see what fashion in an upscale evening should look like. Everyone from Nina Garcia of Elle to Cardi B to Ashley Graham participated in his runway and front-row. His designs are those hard-to-fine gems in an over-saturated fashion week that we think will be capable to put you into winning without looking like an acrobatic line-up. Below you will also treasure an array of very-much-needed coats that we have been dreaming to someday somehow magically be on the market. Woman needs to start having selections of coats that are not khaki or black, and yes, she should stop wearing her gentleman’s tuxedo once outside the hotel ballroom. Not only does blanketing black wool do an assault to your overall look, you need to also think about the well-being of our gentlemen. You are not letting them freeze with little-to-none on their skin, aren’t you? Remember, you have to keep him happy for the sake of your monthly shoe subscription at ManoloBlahnik.com!



These are a few others that I would pay special attention:



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… and I managed to sneak a selfie with Cardi in the midst of oppressing voice urging the Madame to run in 2020!


In the backstage, we managed to snap a few circa shots of the mayhem and a few close-up details of some of the dresses.

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