Oscars 2018: What’s In at The Moment

It is that time of the year where under the blinding sun of Southern California stars have to dress to the nines, apply hair products and cakey foundation to compete an unofficial fashion competition on a cinematic-based competition known as The Academy Award. Though my New Yorker sense already cringes at that feeling of wearing a suit and sweating at the same time on a scorching summer day, it seems like what these godly mortals are going through are far more cringeworthy considering the exorbitant amount of hair clips poking the scalp and foundation curbing the heat. But hey, standing ovation to those folks, whom mostly took the carpet like a pro and managed to bring to our eyes a fresh batch of new trends that we can be obsessed with on a Monday when we pretend to be working on something behind our desk and our boss!

Bow ornament is definitely a huge thing this season with Oscars staple Nicole Kidman rocking a creation from her regular long time fashion partner Giorgio Armani. I truly cannot imagine her blonde’s slender body and majestic facial features pair up with anything other than the House of Armani, which never fails to slip in meticulously artistic details to every of its clean opulent design.

Emma Stone, my all-time favorite star whose persona and chameleon hair speak a thousand words to why she deserves all the wins and nominations, was not at her best tonight and donning bows as well. It was Nicolas Ghesquiere and Louis Vuitton, but they could have done better. The hair was still major and on point. I think we can all agree her look was predominantly uplifted by her hair. I really miss Stone’s last year’s look by Valentino.

Micro sequins are another one we need to talk about. The garment has been taking over the New York Fashion Week runway by storm and some of my favorite stars are wearing them. Jennifer Lawrence looks nothing but sexy in Christian Dior with her medium-permed hair all let out and spaghetti straps holding up her boobs. She does not wow, but maintains consistently awesome, which is a difficult thing to do in fashion.

Lupita Nyong’o! I love her body. You can wear a bathrobe and walk the red carpet with that body. She is wearing a gold Versace dress that has got me confusing if that’s a micro sequins or metal garment. What I love about the dress is, of course, the garment, but also the side-dish ornament on the shoulder that runs through the belly. This is definitely the inspiration if you want to go with metallic materials, but also want to experiment other details at the same time.

Gal Gadot looked incredibly godly, she brought us with her middle-eastern charm a sense of beauty that has rarely been brought to the Hollywood before. Givenchy was the house dressing her for the occasion. The same “blink” concept as the ones Lupita and JLaw were donning seems to be seen on Gadot as well, but using black fabric as the base to set off the sequin embellishments and the ombre feather that swept the carpet from knees downward, instead of monochromatic garments like the other two were wearing. The diamond pendants set off the overall look to a new level that separate her from the rest of the crowd.

Margot Robbie in Chanel for her I, Tonya nomination. She is a pretty girl when set up to a right hair-and-make-up, which I am sorry to say that it was not the case tonight. Her dress, to me, looks like a plain blanc taffeta with crystals on the straps as the only detailing. No, wait, they were not crystals, but rather a bunch of flowers dripping off the shoulders. Wrong, they are also not flowers actually. Well, whatever they may be, I think Chanel can come up with a better idea as to how and what to adorn the dress with. Chanel is the master of accessories and clutches and purses. Would I truly trust them to dress me to the Oscars? Umm, not so, especially when there is a line of top notch couturiers waiting to dress me, which I believe is the case with Margot. Shout out to my girl Margot and Chanel! Peace out, I am still a huge fan of you both.