Trend Is Not Trendy, Being Expressive Is

Louboutins are pretty much in the tomb as Sex and The City 3 officially launched on Kim Cattrall’s Instagram — for your record, we have been living in a virtual simulation where Carrie and Samantha are the best of best friends. Multiple layers sneakers and rain boots are seen almost in 95% of the runways that I attended this season. It is obvious that they are seasonal and not here to stay. Would you wear those sneakers that resemble to anything but Magnolia Bakery’s tart five seasons down the road? Hell no. Let’s face it: we will rekindle to our So Kate pump after the fashion month ends and our availability opens up for pretty dinner with our boyfriend(s).

There came Naeem Khan, one of a handful who was not trying to keep up with the wave and stayed true to what’s on his mind. His colors were fearlessly bright. His garments were gourmet with hand-made textures weaving from head-to-toe, announcing hopes to all couture lovers that non-systematic patterns still do exists in the industry filled with mindless Burberry checks and “Supreme” type-up pasted all over the body . You would, or at least I was, electrified with the very immediate color switch in the runway lineups; red, emerald, and violet popped out in an order that one would not expect when most of other designers were uber mindful about presenting their collection in gradating order. The overall collection is, and always has been, to the credit of the Indian culture and his ability to spot the plus point in it and integrate with the stage of international fashion.

Pantsuits, velvets, and hoodies were making dominant appearance this season, perhaps to allow selections for fanatics on their workday and casual fashion. Metallic embroideries, see-through brocades, and micro sequins are the ones you should be paying extra attention to if you are focusing on the glamour cannot get away from the thought of “What I am going to wear.”

The shoes. Yes, praise the lord that they were not the soccer shoes of the Stuyvesant Boys’. The scene of the red soles began to saunter just when the spotlight turned off and me internally screaming, on the fifth day of fashion week, “Bring the pointy heels back”! They were custom Louboutins, people, and those boots and pumps are the ones you would never see in the boutiques. I am still wondering how to get the whole look altogether in the event where a buyer chooses the painless fashion route and don simply what’s on the runway. Not going to lie that the shoes were the head-turners after the fringe and the sparkle. Overall the show stood out very strikingly well, clearly set its own standard of glamour, and not any less inspiring than any of the previous ones.

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