John Varvatos: Rock Is Not Dead, Neither Are the Jonas Brothers

With the pop prince charisma that Nick Jonas had blossomed into from those paradoxical musical role-play moments we saw in the Disney channel, it is almost with a non-consensus agreement to say that the youngest of the Jonas Brothers had also evolved his clothing behavior to become more manfully enamoring with solemn techno colors and rugged leather materials dominating his day-to-day and on-stage presence. John Varvatos, a designer who believes in the death of rock, but poses as a heavily rock-n-roll themed boutique, cannot come up with a better collaboration idea than it is with Nick Jonas.

Like the John Varvatos we always know, the Autumn/Winter 2018 capsule remains unmoved from the designer’s effortless persona and signature of light-weight garments. Textured leather and seemingly unprocessed wool cover the utmost outer layers. The overall muted colors of ecru, beige, taupe, and finally the blackest of the blacks, were accompanied with tropical-printed scarves, patchwork of the fabrics, chromed zippers, and other pleasant details that eased out the seriousness of the design. The staple of the fashionable masculines stayed not going anywhere in supplying its cult-level followers’ fashion needs.

Not sure about Mr. Varvatos’ belief on the death of rock — definitely the subject is more alive than ever with his stylishly wicked creation and the now-design-partner, the ever muscular Nick Jonas. I bet the “Rock is dead” slogan is no more than an extreme sarcasm for the rock nation that Mr. Varvatos created among the manly fashionable gentlemen.

The hair department could very well be experiencing a honeymoon time as the golden hair were all caped underneath beanies until the end where the models took them off simultaneously in solidarity of equality. The beanies brought more than a politically charged message, but also a winter mojo inspiration that went along very well with the harsh winter month and cool layers of the look. Along with Mr. Varvatos’ classic rock n’ roll style were the never-seen-before clean white sneakers which very well could be considered as competitive alternatives to the designer’s signature boots. The front-row hosted some of the hottest names in the music industry from Iggy Azalea to the Jonas Brothers to Harry Connick Jr. See below for details of each look and front-row atendees, along with my narcissistic selfie with the Jonas Brothers.






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