Chromat: Not Your Typical Swimwear!

In the era where women face tough challenges to maintain their status as equal and keep their womanly rights secure, being able to show that we are not afraid to display our body as we like has become being looked forward upon more than ever. Fashion darlings, I am beyond excited to finally be able to share with you some inspirations for swimwear, and yes, they are coming this Spring/Summer, when it is just in time for you to show off your hard work in the gym for that long-awaited summer vacation in Amalfi. I have been roaming through department stores in Midtown and boutiques in SoHo for quite some time to come up with some swimwear ideas for you guys, but none of them was deserving of the time you are going to take to read an exclusive review about.

Closer to September, I saw an invitation from Chromat, whose brand identity I was still not familiar back then other than having heard the name through front-row gushes. The invitation was the first to catch my attention, it looked unusually sensual with orange lava dripping on the body of a mountain — “Hmm… sexy,” so did I say. Research research research, turned out they specialize in high-end bodywear. Their past seasons’ archives were not anything you have seen on the aisle of Target. Metal hardware, ripped denim, and waist accessories — to name a few — are some of the house’s distinguishable features.

Well, to be fair, they are not exactly exclusively serving the purpose of you plunging into water; the multi intent of the merchandise were obvious here: getting wet into the blue, boost of sexual appeal, and… to look good while you are on the way of getting wet. What do I mean by that? You can wear the swimwear while eating hotdogs by the beach with your boyfriend-jeans on and still look like a fashion-pro at the same time, or even when hanging out with your girlfriends in a local center, you can layer the bikini with a simple blazer and look high intermediate.

All credits go to the house for making diversity in fashion beyond words. Turning my head left and right as the models took turn hitting the runway was no longer pointless. I could very clearly relate every face to people whom I run my day-to-day race with; whether it be my Asian best friend, African-American co-worker, or curvy classmates. Truly a swimwear line that is not exclusively designed for Malibu barbies.

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