Audacious Print and Girly Dresses

Under the bright light of feminism, women often face the pressure to forego their feminine image to fit into the idea of cool-to-be-tomboy. Menswear worn by women is more on-the-surface than ever with its ever-growing runway appearance and red carpet presence. DSquared2 Autumn/Winter 2018 even had Bella Hadid to open its men’s show in Milan Fashion Week. Not saying that we are not overwhelmed by how Kendall Jenner out menswear-ed all her bodyguards, or how Judith Lieber’s lipstick clutch was worn with a pant-suit instead of a dress for the first time by Blake Lively, but we are missing the feminine glam that has become more and more rare since the men’s department expand its territory to the women’s.

Then comes Alice + Olivia, a true reflection of Stacey Bandett’s (the woman in the middle of Paris and Nicky) retro girl personality which has almost become one of the last houses standing that does not confuse their identity with the gentlemen’s bespoke.

This Spring/Summer 2018 we talk about colorful print and flowy tarzan-cut dress, beggy pants and cropped-top, sequin dresses and embroidery jeans.

I had personally known Alice + Olivia since way before I was doing fashion, in my dark days in Indonesia where most girls I knew in town would choose their prom dresses from Alice + Olivia, or fake on their Instagram that they were Alice + Olivia where in fact they were not. Back then, I was like, “Hmm, what’s the deal with this new fashion house around the corner.” Now after becoming friends with the house, I think the identity that pledges for jovial and colorful style absolutely explains the cult-level worshippers. The credit card-friendly price tag and its non-minimalistic design offers buyers so much value in exchange for so little dollar — last time I strolled around SoHo and checked the store, you could find cool stuff for daily purposes for under a thousand. I would totally understand how their stuff fit into many events, bring up the excitement through through its unusual details, and make you look different without draining your wallet. Something definitely worth checking out if you are a teenager or young-adult looking to secretly attempt to play with fashion.

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