Golden Globes 2018: Funeral of the Weinstein Era

All the guys seemed to be leaving their staple red-carpet uniform this time. You know what I mean, every award season we get a sense that they were given a set of uniform by the award committee so that all appear in a black bow tie and white shirt, just like how the sexy bartenders were treated by the catering agency. Suddenly I saw one total black look by one of the guys on my Instagram news feed, followed by another one in a few scrolls, then a bunch more on my Snapchat. I was like, wait a minute, “Is black the new black-and-white? How can I not see this trend coming?” And then, there is this brooch saying “Time’s Up.” For one split second, I thought I misread Nickelodeon’s People’s Choice Award as the Golden Globe, but I did not. What is going on? What did I miss? Turned out them people still have not moved on from the Harvey Weinstein scandal and the story with the all-black look is that the Golden Globe happens to be the funeral of the era.

Can someone remind Dave that this is supposed to be a funeral? Wearing a crystal-emblazoned Saint Laurent tuxedo may not comply to the code.

I am so done with the guys, they look even more identical to one another in all-black than they were in black-and-white, but the ladies, wow, they look posh in a monochromatic formation. Here are 10 looks that left me wonder (Marchesa is nowhere to be found, by the way):

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