Yes, We Need More Guys Wearing See-Throughs

In every season of women’s pret-a-porter fashion week, the regulars are well-fed with an overwhelming amount of so called “naked dress,” from all walks of fabric — lace to chiffon to net to crystal embroidered tulle — it is almost like you can pick whatever display you desire to show your feminine features.

But what about the guys? Come on, we have been working hard in the gym to make Michelangelo’s David’s abs and all a touchable one. I vote “yes” for guys in see-through (but not for me fashion folks, you know my body, surfboard).

Taking place in NYFW’s main home at the Skylight Clarkson Square in downtown Manhattan, Patrik Ervell brought his guests up the timeline to Spring 2018 where the gentlemen are careless, sexy, and fashionably conscious. Trust me, sitting from the perspective of Summer 2017, you would not believe that the guys in Spring 2018 could advance their fashion minds to that junction. To me it was more like spring 3018. Anyway, to say I am obsessed, is an understatement, please look for yourself how the maison chose to be different from the rest.

They are original and expressive, but not lost in the creative process. You can mint the beauty from the unusual designs. Something out-of-this-world: this is what the men’s clothing department needs. I would wear them to a any semi-formal occasions. Brunch, tea, or karaoke with friends. Can be worn by itself to highlight the uniqueness (and, your six-packs, of course), or with a classic blazer if you want it only to act as an accent to your overall look. Blue suits with one of them instead of your zillions options of white shirts.

The side dish to the transparent tops were these leather-looking pants. I am not sure what they are made of, faux leather, sponge, genuine leather? Anyway, another inspiration for a non-traditional youthful look for your reformative spring!

Here is a picture of me with Sean O’Pry before the show. Still can’t stop laughing over my decision to go overboard with the blue eye-shadow!

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