Current Muse: Dresses To Dream About

It is that time of the year where the last golden leaves are clothed with powder of ice and showing off your nouveu Stuart Weitzman on the street of Madison becomes less appealing than hot chocolate by the fire. Yes, we got it, even our most favorite fashion outdoor exercise gets dethroned by the dream of finding a warm harbor.

You love fashion and live by it. Marry to your shoes and having an open affair with your coats. But it is too cold to put up an act of holding your phone to show off your non-discreet affair for the street-style paparazzi to snap. You have played a good 12-hour in your closet. What’s next? No, I am not going to tell you to bake a big-ass batch of ginger cookies. You deserve every chance to stay blossomed with fashion in this home stretch.

How about this: make yourself a pretty little cup of sweet bird nest dessert, sit pretty by the fire, and educate your fashion sense. What do you like in fashion? What is your identity? How are you going to take spring by storm?

Recently I was invited to Christian Siriano’s book launching party at the ever dreamy Rizolli that makes every shelf looking like the one in Alice in the Wonderland. The book breaks down unspoken details about his signature ball dresses. From graphite brush to becoming a full-blown colorful tulle — say no more to mystery behind gorgeous dress. Ever having a tough time deciding how to combine all those colors without looking like Carrie in her early 20s? Here you will see how the designer uses a ‘mood board’ to come up with his iconic bold colors. Be entertained, study the colors, they are one-of-a-kind — a good way to prepare yourself for the never-ending spring invites. Look below for some pages of the book for a sneak-peak! Angela Bassett, Drew Barrymore, and Connie Britton are a few names that show their support on the launching.

Image Courtesy: Brad Walsh.

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