Ever Thine. Ever Mine. Ever Ours.

Before New York, I set an unadjustable bar to a wedding gown; it should be nothing less than an overcommitted tulle buried in hyperbolized crystals. Well, in the land of Manhattan, the journey of finding your love is too fun to not be narrated through your dress, and if there is any moment in your life where you want to feel more fashionably expressive than when hailing a cab down the block, it is those last walks towards your long-awaited harbor down the aisle. Sassy, classic, melodramatic, or hopelessly addictive, speak them out.

Undiluted buttercup dress in plain blanc from Lihi Hod, a bridal couturier from Tel Aviv. You know I have always had a dangerous love-affair with the sense of fashion of the Middle Easterners. I think they are the expert in realizing what’s on the sketch book.

Spaghetti stripe velvet sequin in white to whoever feels sexiness is what brings them to the happily-ever-after. By Sachin & Babi.

We all know that one couple who never wants to be anything but Bonnie & Clyde. This dress is for you who wants to get married on the run! By Sachin & Babi.

To all the brides who need all the drama in the make-up room. The fringe swirl tells your story more than anything. By Francesca Miranda.

Yes, many brides seem so into wearing cape lately and I was, “Yeah, this is how a wedding cape should look like if you decide to wear one.” In the name of sophisticated love story and the dream of having a group of people constantly adjusting your tail, yes, I would not say ‘no’ to this so long you can promise stare-worthy detail. By Ines Di Santo.

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