Jonathan Simkhai: The Beauty of Contemporary Fashion

As a person whose fashion week schedule never misses on being back to back, the days of experiencing fashion comma due to exorbitant crystals or my feet being swept by the overmuch tulles are long gone. As Spring turns to Fall and falls back to Spring, those experiences are no longer monumental, but rather the bread and butter of living off the fashion world. The definition of cool then evolved into something steady and confident, soothing not poking the eye, something that makes its statement of style not dependent to that of others. See the footage of the Jonathan Simkhai’s Spring/Summer 2018 finale below to get a visual of what I am talking about!


To my tens of thousands of loyal readers who always stay tuned to my latest intake on style, you know that Jonathan’s show is one of a few that I most look forward to sharing with you guys. This season, the love just got bigger. Identity proclaimed through artistic ruffles, geometrical patterns, and revealing weaves. Very appropriate for Friday in the office or cocktail reception.

The combinations of colors guarantee the wearers on the safe side of style while welcome the idea of contemporary chic. Mahogany ecru, blue jean, black, and white — colors which we cannot go a day without — now made avant-garde in a non-experimental and fun system of design.

In case you are wondering about the bottoms that make a correct end to each look, they are Manolos, customized exclusively for the show!

The front-row of Jonathan’s show is always buzzy with next-level influencers and the likes. This season the hype just got more spectacular.

From Left to Right: Jamie Chung, Chriselle Lim, Filbert Nickolas, and Aimee Song at the Jonathan Simkhai Spring/Summer 2018

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