Fashionable Question: Does You Inspire You?

Fashion oh fashion. You come handy with an imaginary manuals that oftentimes go against the inner will of every fashion sweetheart. The streets say plaid blazers and oversized pants, and there we are, trying our very best to fulfill the questioning mind of fashion nomads on how we take this trend. As much as street style icons want to storm the fashion week arena with their very own style intuitions, the ego to give up the battle of snatching I-know-how-to-slay-it predicate is too big to forego.

In the midst of an unsolicited checked blazers in and out the cage of the fashion circuit, Anna Sui brought our sight to an inspirational recess through her Spring/Summer 2018 runway show. What you see above is her finale. Her take on fashion is original and stylish in the most soulful and romantic way. Just like a unicorn parade, you know, sassy and touchy. Especially Gigi’s first outfit at the opening. She is a pegasus!

Adopting astronomical art as a theme, a list of A-list supermodels dolled up in mayan civilization looks like you have never seen them in any other runways. A different vibe of cool, not your typical power blonde move. Let-loose and tangled hair were made fashionable with bohemian style clothing. Our editorial pick definitely falls on the nude see-through fringe cape that Bella Hadid was wearing. What makes it memorable was for sure its net fabric that seldom used in a cape, but more to it, was the pink flowers and excessive fringe that went major when Bella was swirled his body on-the-move. Don’t think that because it is styled bohemian way on the runway you cannot go with a totally different look. I can see a Manhattan business-woman wear this as cinnamon to their vanilla outfit. On the evening, you can go sexy with this by pairing it up with brocade cropped-top and pencil skirt. And yes, it is not impossible to highlight a slim waist in this oversized item — put an oversized belt and tighten it up on the belly region while having the rest of the cape remain flowy.

Though having a chronic obsession with Bella’s look, the entree of the show was truly the flare-cut embroidery jeans that seemed so relaxed, soft, and not went crazy tight on your thighs (when you have experienced changing outfits more than ten times per day, you will know how much you appreciate a pair of jeans that bring both comfort and confidence). Yes, they came in hot pants too. See below how Liu Wen, Taylor Hill, and other models rock the look. What went as a major success of the show was the wildest thoughts expressed fearlessly — the original imagination of Anna, actualized in the objects of the body with its unprocessed edginess — in the diverse face of the supermodels of our era.

If there is anything in fashion that can make you feel liberated, it is not the front-row or the blitz, but the opportunity to express your truest self in a most de-contour-ed way. And here are some backstage fun with the models. You won’t get this in any other websites!

Bella Hadid
Taylor Hill
Gigi Hadid