N.Hoolywood: Muted Colors and Monumental Art

When it comes to sharp tailoring and unapologetic muted colors, no house has ever come close to this Asian-based streetwear. On Spring/Summer 2018, the worshipers of the no-color cult were rejuvenated with a new sermon; honey ecru, smoky ash, and oversized beige — they would become the paradigm of life as the calendar flips to February.

My number one must-have from the collection is the asphalt trench coat with dissimilar materials on the sides. The leather on the left creates a shield effect that will make the coat go ABLAZE under the spotlight… but only on one side (battlefield armor kind of look). Very unique, you will not find yourself as Samantha bumped into Miley Cyrus on a red carpet in this one.

The cable-knit sweaters are also a comfort-and-confidence kind of piece that were hard to ignore during the show. Something that you can immediately jump into and wear to fashionable events, or carry around during work hours and put on during a meeting in a chill conference room.

Geometric patterns, though not a lot, were served in combination with colors like powder blue and blanc ecru, which managed to give a hint of violet, as a side dish to the overall monochromatic line-up of the muted colors.

The highlight of it all was the Kennedy graphic garment that showed a blurry autograph of the ever-fashionable Jacky O and mister former president. Definitely a seasonal piece that does not come twice or can be seen anywhere other than within the house.

The overall appropriateness of the collection fits the needs of day-to-day fashion that require zero attention and effective in remaining stylish at all times. Excellent choice for grasshoppers who slumber from bed and breakfast to power lunch to quick office absent and wrap up the day with endless night in a bar. One collection to have a close observation for those who love to stand out in silence and associate monochrome with timeless chic.

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