Eyecandy Male Models of the Season 

Men’s fashion week is the time of the year where my sympathy for my face starts resurfacing after months of cooling down. My eyes were not adapt to the sudden switch of view from godly handsome male models to my own pathetic face all over social pages.

Nose? Big and boneless at the bottom. Eyes? Way too small. Jaw? Far too long, needs a cut and reshape. Hair? Too abstract, but I tried straightening them one time and it did not work either. Eyebrow? Well, never mind, my trick on it has been working quite effectively. Honestly, I do not know why I can get 20000 readers per week, maybe it is because I am not one of those handsome bloggers with perfectly coiled hair and an on-point suit. Haha. Thanks, my readers, you know how much I love you! My decision to alter certain facial features of mine is pretty confirmed at this time. I just need to find a perfect timing to fly to Singapore, a land where fairy godmother surgeons nest. I promise I am not going to be those bloggers who deny changes in their face. I will share, just don’t leave me for not being ugly anymore. 

Okay, here is the rundown of some of my favorite male models this Spring/Summer 2018 season:

Remember, this list does not represent any sorts of aesthetic preference. It is simply based on who popped in my mind first, so fans clubs, do not make this a basis of a protest.

1. Nick Truelove (@nicktruelove)

Nick is a baby, guys. He was born in 1998 (ladies who enjoy the adrenaline of being with younger guys, fasten your seat belts). He looks like a Barbie doll, but the male version, who is his name? Ken? Yes, him.

Why so sassy, handsome?

He is abnormally handsome right, guys? Especially his hair — I tried to imitate it one time, look at the result below. 😂😂

Embed from Getty Images

When asked about what he finds attractive in a girl, he said:

“The thing that matters most is basically how well you get along and how happy you make each other. If a girl is interesting and fun as well as caring I will instantly be attracted to her. Also a girl who is down to earth, that is very important to me.”

There you go. Now, all girls who weigh 200 pounds and above can be happy and never think about diet anymore. All Nick is looking for is you being down to earth. In fact, the heavier you are, the more down you will be to the earth.

2. Roberto Sipos (@robertosipos)

Roberto is the guy you see at Hugo Boss’ counters all over the world. I saw him walking like a million times season after season. He is not the guy who catches your attention at a first sight. His good look has to be treasured. You have to stare at him for so loooooooong before you finally say to yourself, “Damn, this guy is a hot pretzel.” He does not act to impress (you know, many models do try too hard sometimes). He behaves very effortlessly and that is why he made it into this list!!

3. Merlin Neal (@merlinneal)

Merlin has a hawt body, but he is sweet and smiley. Sometimes, we are used to having the stigma that well-built guys are intimidating, but he is not. He is the amiable protective boyfriend type. His eyebrows, I do not know what he used, but I have never seen better eyebrows than his.


This is us at the backstage of Parke & Ronen two seasons ago.

4. Juan Carlos (@juankgarcia)

Ugh, he is damn chiseled. You can make a bunch of jello on his abs. Not only that, he has the best nose in the world, and you know what I do with that? I asked him, right in the middle of a show, where he made that, and he said it is natural. Look below for his heaven-crafted nose:

I chatted him (yes, we chatted, don’t be jealous), talking about his nose, and he said “jajaja,” which made me assume he is from a Spanish-speaking country. Despacitoooooo babeyyyy!!!

5. Trevor Signorino (@trevorsiggs)

Trevor is that one guy on the runway who walks as if he is a bouncer who is going to kick you out from a club. I think he used to sell popsicles on the beach (we hope he still does, though):

Now this hottie is the face of Benchbody.

6. Rafael Miller (@rafaelmiller)

I have been following Rafael since I was in Seattle when he was still a neighborhood stud in France, and then, I bumped into him in Times Square just a week before the fashion week, and I was like, shit, he is going to be at the shows. True enough, I saw him covered with tight boxers and green glasses at the Benchbody show. See my backstage snaps of him. Sorry, you don’t have access to this, HA!

Pictures are courtesy of Fashion Times Daily, unless, otherwise stated.

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