No Rule is the New Rule in This Land of Cool

The time when you are done dressing the way mid-town bankers would. When you just want to be indie with your newest personality in a neighborhood you have never been. The next reasonable move to complete your liberal mood is to unleash the colors within you. Let’s forget the mix-match between your blush-on and the red sweater. Give your colors a party where they can show up without limitations from your eye-shadow palate or you being the bouncer.

So this Spring/Summer 2018, Ovadia & Sons brought the fashion people to a concept of non-uniformity in cutting, size, and colors. Fashion minds were pushed to be on the verge of controversy about how color-coordination can be time-consuming and not on-par with the benefit it gives. We have been living in a fashion wonderland where people can care about colors way too far from where they should. Electrifying colors from different kingdoms can in fact bring a look that surprise even the eye of the beholder. After all, being too preppy on the color department makes looks predictable and mystery-free.

This over-sized shirt is definitely my must-have of the season. It requires zero styling effort and will not go wrong tucked or un-tucked. I would get a piece of classic belt, like the Kelly Belt from Hermes, and wrap it around the waist to give a little definition to the shape. Wear it with neon pants, black, or blue jeans. Literally, you can jump into anything and still look like a fashion-pro no matter!

Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at 1.25.11 AM

The pull-over yellow sweater. I would wear it with a simple button-down buttoned to the last button up. High waist jeans with Timbaland will complete the look well!

Ovadia & Sons SS18 Yellow Sweater

The white pants with brushes of colors on them are things that I would snatch without a second thought. Come one, we all have had that feeling where we want to wear white, but too afraid to get them stained while we are on an adventure. Fear no more pal, they are already stained! Despite, the color brush is not something that you would bump into very often, not in any of your favorite fast-fashion at least.

Ovadia & Sons SS18 Collection. Male model walking the catwalk at

Fuschia pants anyone? So loose so summery. I would totally wear them in a sun-soaked place with people I love who won’t judge. Oh well, even if they judge, I’d still go for it.

Ovadia & Sons SS18 Collection. Male model walking the catwalk at

The show was about rule-free fashion and all. Me and Victor Cruz wore some personality t-shirts on the frow!

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