How to Wear Your Menswear in an Artistic Way

Come on, what is men’s fashion week without that sleek, handsome look you all see in those Wall Street bankers? That’s the original menswear, I agree. On the third day of the men’s fashion week, I decided to bring the art of modern menswear on display with a total make-over from Suitsupply. Suitsupply is perhaps one of the few that can make me have fun with colors and patterns, while being in a solid menswear mindset at the same time.


At first, I was doubting myself, “Can I do dandy menswear without a jacket”? Most likely, the jackets are the ones we rely on to add a color definition to the overall look, especially when we are wearing a solid shirt and plain pants, however, I could not forego the temptation of not wearing a jacket due to the melting weather of the month.

Finally, I braved myself to go for a total menswear without a jacket, and in place of that, I opted for a double-breasted waistcoat. Yes, the pattern is the first that caught my attention, but other than that, I like the well-rounded collar and the double-breasted style. As a skinny guy, double is better than single to ensure a well-fitted look. One thing that I like about Suitsupply is that, even though their merchandise  are neat and well-tailored, they never stop innovating new designs every season. Thank you, Suitsupply, for making menswear not shades of gray!


For the shirt, actually, I was about to choose a blue stripes over this solid white I ended up wearing, but after a few test shoot, I realize the patterns did not go along well. The white traveller shirt is the super hero in this story. It is one fashion item that I can never regret buying. You treat yourself a comfortable shirt that goes beach and banquet!


For the tie, I knew this is the heaven match-made companion for the waistcoat. The slightly darker color allows a sharp highlight without being too off from the khaki palette of the look. Though, it may not have the most formal look for your daily office need, it is one thing that you want to have ready in your closet in case you have a sudden sense of creativity popping!

Well, some of you may not be so interested in finding out about the pants, thinking that they are just another regular pair of gray pants. No, folks, no. This is THE pants that you want to wear when you want to look good and can still feel the wind during the scorching season of summer. These lightweight pants are also straight… in cut, I mean, and very loose, making them very adjustable to your movements.

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