How to Wear Your Favorite High Octane Colors in One Look

The hype surrounding high octane colors began with fuchsia when “everyone” was wearing it to this year’s MET Gala. Notable faces were highlighted around the eyes and across the cheek bones with different shades of pink, which then sparked initiatives from many beauty houses to adopt the idea and play with the colors. The eye shadow that I am wearing on the men’s fashion week’s day two is from Chanel. No modifications, just a straight copy-paste from Kristen Stewart’s campaign that I saw all over Chanel stalls in Manhattan. It was a striking electric blue, but Chanel chooses to call it “blue jean.”

If you have been a loyal reader of Fashion Times Daily and an avid follower of my Instagram, you must have noticed my picks for Sachin & Babi’s Resort 2018 collection. Yes, the vermilion blouse with turquoise embroidery on top. The moment I saw the eye shadow — snap — I knew that I am going to wear it with this blouse. The way I selected my color combination for this outfit was fairly simple: I picked the less represented color and not the dominant one. In this case is the blue on the top part of the blouse, because picking shades of red will make the combination less balanced due to the overwhelming volume of red in one look. Tada! Look below for the result:


I mean, this is summer and I want to have fun with colors and embrace the spirit of playfulness that the weather has to offer. No worries about the snow that is going to smudge my eye shadow or tight clothing to trap the heat during the cold weather. I thought this is a perfect timing to let loose and wear something blousy, especially, with this kind of flowy silk material; the light of the sun, oh boy, reflects well on the vermilion and adds glitter to the embroidery. The sudden jump from vermilion to turquoise is also an identity that you do not see worn by any other fashion creatures, let alone fashion-blind minions in a banquet hall or office full of cubical. Promise, you will stand out. 


Price wise, this blouse does not make your wallet go “ouch.” It is only $450.00, which gives more reasons for you to crave even more, and, eventually, buy. You deserve it, my fellow readers. Don’t waste your energy thinking too much when you know you are going to buy anyway. The blouse will be available when the resort 2018 season arrives — available at!

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