Stella McCartney’s Cross-Seasonal Trench

At the beginning of every fashion week season, I always think about what kind of fashion message I want to convey to my readers from what I wear. On the opening of the men’s fashion week Spring/Summer 2018, I wanted to address the mythical stories about season in fashion and how certain items can only be worn in certain months. Well, parka in eighty degrees weather maybe wrong, that is true, but what about trench coats? Leather jackets? Chances are, you already lock your trench coats and whatever types of jacket in the basement the moment you realize that spring is in the air. After this, trust me, you will never want to do that again!


Upon choosing from racks and racks of selections that I could not be more thankful for, I decided to wear a trench coat from Stella McCartney, but in a totally deconstructed style. A style that tells unclothedness is not equivalent to simplicity and trench must not always be worn in the cold weather. Coming from this self-made philosophy and the love for off-shoulder, I came up with the look below:

I know I know. Many of you must be thinking, “Hell, he must be sweating like crazy,” but, no guys, it was not any warmer than any other clothing that I had been wearing during the summer. One, maybe because I was doing it off-shoulder and no pants at all (except my underwear), so no interruption to air circulation. Two, the trench is made up of light-weight cotton linen and designed in such a way that it allows ample movements to my body.

Another factor that makes this trench look good when worn directly on the skin is that its khaki color blends in incredibly well with almost every skin tone. When I put it on, I looked at the mirror and I was not worried about the color mismatch between my skin and the trench to the point where I had to start digging to find something to put in between the two as a transitional point.


Price wise, the whooping $2155.00 price tag is justified with the multiple styles and cross-seasonal functions that the trench can take. You do not find many trench coats out there that can cope with an off-shoulder look for the summer weather. Go and get this sweety at!

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