Sachin & Babi: Your Guide to Artistic Fashion 

Sometimes an easier way to define a substance is not to know what it is, but what it is not. Art, too, is an impossible conversation. The term is broad and often labelled on almost everything people can’t define. Lately, I have been hearing ‘art’ being exploited as an easy way out from the blame of careless fashion. Torn jeans dipped into left-over paint in exchange for thousands of dollars. Pathetic. Well, I do not mind careless fashion, just don’t put that under the same standard as artistic fashion, you will confuse the newbie. Let’s come up with a more politically correct term, like, “fashion forward,” or “contempory fashion.” Anyway, resort season is already here and, just like previous seasons, Sachin & Babi got me head over heels again. 

This, according to my measure, is what I would call thoughtfully integrating art in fashion. Look at these two dresses below: the locations, shapes, and colors of those patches intrigue the eye and can make the audience think over and over again about what they mean and why they are there, but at the same time, contribute to the aesthetic of the dresses.

Another plus point of Sachin & Babi’s 2018 resort collection is its artistic fabrics. It is not an easy task to find cloths with unique fabrics. Most pristine fashion houses will opt for sleek and clean dutchess silk or taffeta. They are fashion’s play-safe. They can never go wrong. But Sachin & Babi did break the boundary this season by including weaved fabrics in the collection, and the result is almost like wearing a painting.

In terms of style, below is my favorite. It is a long dress with divisive cut in the middle and you can pair it up with pants. Oh, trust me, I have been yearning for someone to make this concept happen. You know why? Because, ladies like the poiseness of high slit, but many of them do not possess the bravery of showing it up too high. 

I am sure you guys are familiar with the current fashion hiatus surrounding kimono, right? Everyone is wearing it as a fancy cardigan in a windy season like this, but most of them are very very flowy. Sachin & Babi’s version is standing out. They are so haute and have that blazer-y look. See below! 

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