Scent at the Moment: Uomo by Ferragamo 

I do not usually wear a perfume. Not because I hate them, but because it is a struggle to find the right one. I am not the most qualified jury to decide if pear smells better than pecan, neither am I the most witty person when it comes to answering a sales person’s questions about my ideal scent. When I said fresh, they would immediately shower me with anything you can think of in a bouquet. Done. I gave up on trying to compose a thesis that can comprehensively embody my taste of fresh scent.

There came Uomo By Salvatore Ferragamo. It immediately put my hunt for the perfect fragrance to an immediate stop. Not too strong, fresh, and a balance of woody and flowery scent is pretty much the best I can go in describing this new favorite scent of mine. It smells masculine with a stroke of freshness, which makes macho scent hospitable at the same time.

Not only me, this newbie quickly emerges to become the favorite of Manhattan’s party-goers. Under the realm of the light of an exotic bar in Gramercy Park Hotel, we gathered to show our love for this bottle of magic elixir. Get a bottle now, everybody who is somebody is spraying this. #MakeManhattanSmellGreatAgain!

Filbert Nickolas and Ben Barnes.
Jasmine Grace Grimaldi and Violetta Komyshan.
Iris van Berne and Nimue Smit.
Xavier Serrano and Malik Lindo.
Mitchell Slaggert.
Clara McGregor.
Julia Roitfeld and Nausheen Shah.
Dorian Grinspan, RJ King, and Geordon Nicol.
Paul Andrew and Hilary Rhoda.


Images: BFA.


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