Be the Bride of Your Dream

What is marriage? Blair thought it was all about the last name. Carrie regretted her decision to make the dress the point of it all. Well, I may not be the expert of this aspect of life where sequins and crystals are not parts of, but my humanly instinct says that marriage is about you, always has to be and can never not be. Wear the dress that you always dream of wearing, not what the society expects. Marry the person who can make you feel loved, not the one who is going to touch-up your resume. Celebrate with those who make you the person you are, not the fictional character you aim to become.

Okay, before this bourgeois fashion cult turns into, I shall start talking about the dresses that go above and beyond, the ones that got you mumbling, ‘This is it,’ but pushed you back, because they are not what the conventionalists want to see. If you have been mapping to escape the imprisonment of traditional wedding fashion, take a careful look at this list that I carefully curate after days of meditation at the front row of Bridal Fashion Week Spring 2018.

1. Ines Di Santo

Come on, I know you all are bored with mindless splashing of Swarovski on excessively lengthy white fabric. Besides, that does not show much of your taste. When I saw this dress closed this season’s runway of Ines Di Santo, I knew this is the first dress that I wanted to share with you guys. The way Ines played with the fabric and made the dress look extravagant without a single stitch of crystal, or a segment of lace, is just genius.

2. Jenny Packham

Need I say more about Jenny? Speaking about unusual timelessness in social dressing, everyone knows that Jenny is the go-to fairy godmother. Adopting circus as her theme, this season she surprised guests with a red sequin wedding gown that went big on the arms, which made me think, ‘Why not something festive, isn’t marriage about celebrating the beginning of a (anticipated) joyful life’?

It also came in a short version that is worth of your consideration too! The flowy feather and the bow that touches the ground propose challenge to your groom.

3. Randy Fenoli

Moving on from red, we have this magnificent blue wedding gown from Randy Fenoli. I think blue is a good substitute when you think that white is too plain, but do not want to go too far off with colors like red at the same time. This dress may be feminine and very florabotanica, but girl, you show your wild side on the top!

4. Lela Rose

I got it. Dresses can be heavy on the shoulders, especially when you have to stand for hours in a seven-inch stilettos. This is an option for you who prioritizes comfort and do not want to let go of style. The model who was walking in this jumpsuit seemed very comfortable and did not stumble at all. This piece is a brilliant choice for after-party, or even when you are walking down the aisle. After all, we want to have a good time on the dance floor, right?

Oh, and thanks Lela, brides can now have a wedding in the season of wondrous winter. Look at this cute wedding cape!

5. Berta

Personally, I am a fan of anything big, and there came Berta with all her sparkles that looked like a pixie dust. If I were to ever rock a wedding gown, I would opt for something over the top, but body-pressed, because I am a snob who cannot stop bragging about my slim body (assuming my BMI fat index is still abnormally low). If you are the female version of Filbert Nickolas, Berta is the designer that will put your dress-search to a stop.

6. Mira Zwilliger
People usually go with diamond or pearl on the neck, but they are hardly noticeable on cameras. Those who love to accessorize should consider these two looks that match the choker with the dress.

7. Theia

There are brides who value the beauty of simplicity and want to base their marriage off that. I have my utmost respect for that principle. Should you ever dream of a quiet celebration for two and wear something easy and timeless, please consider this off-white lace dress.

8. Viktor & Rolf
The moment I walked into the presentation, I started realizing what most brides tend to forget: the fashion of their veil and the fun in their headpiece.

And a fantastic short dress with 7/8 sleeves.

I know that some of you may want a head-turner dress, but the one that does not blink as much and focuses on showing off the uniqueness of its meticulous details. This is the one.

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