For Those Who Want to Rock Tailored-Clothing Differently

List me ten reasons to wear pants instead of a skirt or dress, and sure you can be witty with them while you snap your fingers to the rhythm. It goes without saying that pants allow more space for movements — reaching for folders on the highest shelf, bending over for pens underneath the desk, and catching the bus — those are only three out of a million activities that give you more reasons to keep lashing out the skirts. What about wardrobe malfunction due to the blowing wind? Say no more babe. Probably the only advocacy for wearing a skirt is that self-adjudication, “Shit, I have been looking like a shot of testosterone. Need to remind everyone that I am still a lady.” Now is no longer the era for that; you can look like an absolute Barbie without forcing yourself to be wrapped in a dress… or skirt. Here are some ideas from Sally LaPointe Autumn/Winter 2017 in case you need some visuals of how suits can make you look both like a lady and a do-it-all hero:

Sally Lapointe_1_79_sally_20lapointe_20po_20rf17_200002Sally Lapointe_3_e1_sally_20lapointe_20po_20rf17_200004Sally Lapointe_21_4e_sally_20lapointe_20po_20rf17_200022Play with every detail that everyone thinks is an ancient wall that cannot be played. Definitely the pockets are one style inspiration that we can buy from Sally’s Autumn/Winter 2017’s lookbook. Sally Lapointe_7_55_sally_20lapointe_20po_20rf17_200008Sally Lapointe_10_2a_sally_20lapointe_20po_20rf17_200011Patent and metallic look? Definitely some things that are worth taking the risk for. Who knows you may bring the shine to a dull party? Sally Lapointe_22_86_sally_20lapointe_20po_20rf17_200023We need to see women’s tailored pieces exposed into more creativity. Just because you adopt the concept from the men’s department, does not you need to copy the lack of texture and variation. Who can say pants not look alluring now, especially with those fur fringe and silver blazer? Sally Lapointe_30_1a_sally_20lapointe_20po_20rf17_200031This black suit of Sally’s is my number one favorite from the overall Autumn/Winter 2017 collection. Being physically present during the presentation and able to observe every detail of the metal work just put art and fashion into perspective; how they can happen even in the simplest form of black garment.Sally Lapointe_13_21_sally_20lapointe_20po_20rf17_200014Sally Lapointe_9_e2_sally_20lapointe_20po_20rf17_200010Now… velour is another trend coming this season. I have worn the garment folks, and yes, they are very comfortable and gentle on your skin without hurting your appearance. Velour is actually one affair that can satisfy both looks and comfort. Great match for dinner dates and delayed flights.


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