Naeem Khan: In Between Suspense and Surprise

If you ever walked down the street of Fifth Avenue and passed by Bergdorf Goodman, chances are, you had been captivated by one of his dresses. His collections are one of the few in luxury fashion that remain distinguishable from the assembly line products of mass clothing retailers. When you see his dresses, you know that maximum glamour is what he aims for in every design. The concept of haute couture inflames not only in his evening gowns and mega gala art pieces, but also in his spontaneous daily wear such as coats and skirts, which slams the belief that restricts sophistication to certain sections of fashion.

Surprise started to come into sight as guests were welcomed by the red carpet that blanketed the runway in lieu of the usual plastic cover, and, from there, it never stopped. The Autumn/Winter 2017 collection is not formatted in a certain tone of color, or a traditional theme that equalized the collection in one particular symphony. All designs were independent of one another, fancied on their own, and adopted the idea of of bravery, whether in materials, colors, or the way they were accessorized. The short dress that has a mix of red and indigo fringe is my personal favorite because of the shiny finish of the fringe and the contrasting color combination that speaks to the identity of the dress. The dresses that adopt floral motifs are another head turner of the show due to the deep stitches of the embroidery that made the gradation patterns float to the surface. Last but not less bombastic was the press body black feather dress. This is what you want to wear if you are looking to aim further than just a being head-turner. This is the one that will set the cameras ablaze.

Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 11.14.02 am.png
Courtesy of Fashion GPS

The presentation of the collection paid attention not only to Naeem’s pieces, but also the overall aesthetic of each look. Together with the floral embroidery dress were the custom-made Christian Louboutin high boots that had the same green-pink floral embroidery patterns. These boots, worn with this dress, is a perfect fulfillment to the head-to-toe pattern coordination trend. After all, the boots and the dress will still look stunning even if they are worn separately.

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