Spring with Club Monaco 

It is that time of the year where you cloth your fur jackets and start rediscovering your taste for brighter color as the clock jumps an hour forward and the sun smiles a little longer. Warmer weather can sometimes mean losing the opportunity to wear your coat — a shield that protects your lazywear from seeing the light of a camera blitz — and getting back to the inescapable routine of paying attention to everything that you wear. Starting on being detailed and attentive to your fashion does not necessarily mean more spending on high-end department stores. Club Monaco has its spring pret-a-porter ready to add new flavors to your wardrobe with that reasonable price we have long known.

The delusional rule for Spring fashion puts an embargo on darker colors and prioritizes the delightful ones. To follow or not to follow, you cannot go wrong with the Spring collection of Club Monaco. You can find dresses that are constructed from light-weight materials in floral motifs, bright red, white, and cotton jeans. The cuts were loose and easy on the body, allowing boundless movements that you all have been anticipating. The theme of the style this season seems to be off-the-shoulder. If you are a fan of this current phenomenon, congratulations, you can find different dresses that expose your shoulders from almost any angle you can ever think of.



As equally as interesting as the women’s, the men’s collection also allows us to experiment and be very playful this Spring with floral bomber jacket (promise, you can never find floral bomber jacket anywhere else), patterned scarves, and Club Monaco’s iconic stripe pieces. Now, the patterned scarves are all we need to decorate our outfit. We do not want to wear plain flannel/wool/cashmere scarves for our whole lives all seasons round. Patterned scarves give a good dose of artistic touch to men’s outfits, that more often than not, are made up of solid and subtle colors.

The Spring ready-to-wear presentation was held in Club Monaco’s Fifth Avenue store and adorned with endless supply of champagne and exceptional finger food. I do not remember precisely the name tag on each plate, but they were unusually good. Some of the stars in attendance were Drew Berrymore, Katie Holmes, and Grace Coddington.


Images courtesy of Fashion Times Daily.

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