Jonathan Simkhai: Fantasy of Fancy Feminists 

The content of sociopolitical jargon in the fashion industry have become more aggressive than ever with the on-going governmental roller coaster that questions America’s status as the liberal jewel of the world. This Autumn/Winter 2017, Jonathan comes back with the idea of fashioning the power of feminism. Ribboned upon each slot of the front row are a ‘FEMINIST AF’ t-shirt and a set of lovely words on a card that is dedicated to support the LGBTQ community. Insiders of the fashion industry must have known the hype surrounding the t-shirt that has set cameras ablaze for the latest street style trend. While some are brave enough to experience the t-shirt with a fancy kimono and a fur coat, others just let loose by pairing it up with jeans and a simple trench. Anyway, here is how I do it: Berluti turtleneck before the ‘FEMINIST AF’ t-shirt, Guess’ Dillon denim jacket as the outerwear, Topman gray cropped pants, and finally, rose gold Rolex Daytona and matching blue Tom Ford Elliot sunglasses as the accessories.

Audacious feminism continues to reflect as notable fashion figures take turn to show up one after the other. The front row sits street-style stars Olivia Palermo and Aimee Song, alongside notable models Cindy Bruna, Devon Windsor, and Lais Libeiro. The runway line-up includes Victoria’s Secret’s catwalkers Jasmine Tookes, Elsa Hosk, Romee Strijd, and Valery Kaufman.

Cindy Bruna. @filbertnickolas.
Romee Strijd. @filbertnickolas.
Elsa Hosk. @filbertnickolas.
Devon Windsor. @filbertnickolas.
Jasmine Tookes. @filbertnickolas.
Olivia Palermo. @filbertnickolas.
Aimee Song. @filbertnickolas.

One thing that stands out from Jonathan’s show is how he sets distinctive segments that can fill every mood and tribe. Tomboy girl and/or fitness junkie can go with this  cropped-top match-up that goes big on the collar and skinny on the pants. They brag about your hard-worked abs and leggy legs, as well as, bring daring look on the collar that will get your competitors wowing with jealousy. The fancy ladies must consider the crystal embroidery tulle that comes in a jumpsuit, off-shoulder dress, and low-cut feather gown. The laid-back cowboy girls should learn to fashion her comfort in the embroidery jeans that seem very comfortable and not insanely tight on the waist and legs. Winter haters can now go warm and super modish in the fur collection that comes in red mahogany. The fur is a must-have from the show.

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