How to Stay Chic While in A Relax Mode

Let’s go back to that time when we do not want to put so much effort into our outfits. When we try very hard to not have that “heavily done” look. For one day, we want to be different than the person that we are in our Instagram panels. We are tired of that look we achieve from mix-matching thousands of items in our closets. We want to wear things that do not require hours of meditation in the walk-in-closet, because they go along with every single item that we pull out randomly from our racks when we are in a hurry. We want to look effortlessly chic and not the victim of the latest trend. Got it. Here is Zachary Prell Autumn/Winter 2017. 

Aren’t they sweet? They give an impression as if the wearers have established their style identity, but still pay attention to the importance of details. Like the sweater above, it has non-uniform patterns in its waffle finish. The parka also is not overly puffy. It still makes you look like you are wearing a body object and not being wrapped around Reynolds’ aluminium foil. Another thing I love about Zachary’s collection this Autumn/Winter 2017 is that they are very clean in design and syncronized in color. You will see some pieces that come out to be very laid-back, but appropriate for any semi-formal occasions or casual friday office hours. In terms of color, each look consists of many, but they transition very well. Look below! 

These two button-down jackets obviously can take the shift when your suits need to go to the laundromat. They do not look any less tidy than traditional jackets. The sweatpants also do not look like a college gear. They can go in the same racks as your office wear, actually. Just cover the stretchy waist with your jacket and you will be good. Afterall, I feel the cloths are cozy and chic at the same time. They seem warm and appropriate for the harsh winter weather, but still possess a sense of fahionability. You know, it is very difficult to find an intersection between comfort and style, especially in winter clothing, which, more often than not, are shapeless and ignore aesthetics, such as colors and shapes. I hope this will show that being stylish is not equal to stress. 

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