Giving You An Inside Look to Fashion in Mars 

It feels not too long ago when Nick Graham brought us to an escape to Havana, along with the companion of the men’s fashion week’s sexiest gentlemen. A perfect way to tease the fashion elites of what’s inside those dandy suits. This Autumn/Winter 2017, Nick presented a different type of manliness. Not the sweet smiles and shirt-stretcher biceps like the ones we saw on the Havana-themed show, but rather a series of youthful and innocent young gentlemen coming out one after another wearing an unusal suits and hair. Taking his audience to an imagination of life in the future, Nick transformed the ordinary fashion week arena to comply with his vision of Autumn in Mars in the year of 2035. 

One thing that rang a bell of inspiration was the silver hair, the use of LED lights, and patterned suits. I used to think that you cannot have fun when you want to go classy, especially for gentlemen. How many of you ban red suits from your closet out of the fear of being cocky? Or, the doctrine that they will not be able to be worn more than once? It made me sit back and think for a minute about those stereotypes — stereotypes that I nodded my head to without any requestions. And my conclusion was that those stereotypes were covfefe, fake news! You can look good in red suits, or red jacket with silver embroidery pants. They can be re-worn as much as black or navy blue suits can be. You can mix match them with other colors as much as you do with other subtle colors. Unique and go-big accessories will not always hurt, in fact, they can help. See below, you will see chains and LED embroidered silk scarves applied in almost every look. 

Actually, this is a new way of inventing men’s fashion when they want to go festive. Oftentimes, men are bounded by a certain idea of beauty that they are afraid to cross. Unlike women who receive very much less judgment when they experiment with their look, men think twice to wear unusual colors and put on statement accessories. A huge part of this is caused by the image of handsomeness that has been defined very narrowly by the society. I realized that actually men can still look equally as elegant when they experiment with their style as they are with velvet tuxedo. I know this is not something that people can easily understand. Even me, as much as I agree with the beauty of experimenting with fashion, I still get influenced by my mom’s words that allow zero tolerance for non-traditional men’s fashion. The moment things go off from traditional button-downs and jeans, my phone would go ballistic with radical texts banning my fashion. But, hey, look at these gentlemen above and below, they do not look less awesome than they are in conventional men’s wear. Well, fair enough, you have not seen them in preppy suits, but trust me, they are not any less delicious than what you already saw. Okay, I advocate enough for liberal fashion. Check out the rest of the Nick Graham Autumn/Winter 2017 below:  

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