Nautica: The Heritage Gallery

The icon of trendy American activewear, once again, brings back the appeal of men’s attires that stay within the line of masculinity. When other designers take men’s fashion to a whole new era of bejeweled tassels and sky high heels, Nautica freshens the air by displaying a group of energetic boys in sporty cloths and rugged Timberland boots, a la macho Fordham boys. This Autumn/Winter 2017, the fashion house takes a moment to appreciate its classical style and comply with the trend of vintage look. Most of the attires are redesigned from its collections from the 80s and 90s. No out-of-the-line eyeshadow and oversized chokers in this one, just a group of privilege sporty young men after a friendly Lacrosse match on the Upper East Side. The collection provides enough selections of winter attire — from parka, bomber, sweater, to trench — Nautica prepares you for every different degree of winter coldness.

One thing that sets the fashion house apart is its ability to relate style with large audience and make your daily items look fashionable. Timberland boots are what we turn to during winter’s nasty weather. No one ever thinks that they are fancy enough to be in fashion shows. After all, we are used to seeing Manolo Blahnik and Christian Louboutin walk the blitzy runway of New York Fashion Week. But Nautica shows the fashion industry how to turn your comfort piece into a fashionable accessory.

Images: Fashion Times Daily.

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