Joseph Abboud: The Dark Side of Beauty

Joseph Abboud’s show is never an ordinary affair that settles with black and white runway and minimalistic block of bench. The renaissance Catholic church on the lower west of Manhattan is an accommodating territory to a dark and mysterious theme that Mr. Abboud has chosen for his Autumn/Winter 2017 collection. The exoticism of the show illuminates more and more as the orchestra launches its first stroke on the violin and the exclusive guests begin crossing their legs for the cameramen. The collection is the one full of fantasy and uniqueness, yet still possesses a strong sense of appropriateness for many occasions. The suits are neither plain nor worn with basic office shirts, instead, they are thoughtfully decorated with motifs and paired along with a piece of artistic scarf.

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Courtesy of Fashion GPS
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Courtesy of Fashion GPS
Another attention grabber of the show is the kapuschong — a sophisticated hoodie that brings a different look of masculinity, while being a creative piece that owns look and comfort all at once during the harsh winter weather. They come in nude and black.

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Courtesy of Fashion GPS
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One piece from the runway that should be present in every closet of legit fashionista is the purple sport jacket. It is knitted with a group of other colors, creating a non-uniform circular patch in shades of gray and artistic dots of orange all over. If you attended the show, you would notice that the pants were also sown in similar pattern, just in a very much smaller scale.

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Courtesy of Fashion GPS
Discussing the exoticism of the show is not complete without mentioning the supermodel line-up of the runway. Sean O’Pry, Tobias Sorensen, and Brian Shimansky are some of the many coveted faces in the industry that joined Mr. Abboud’s dandy formation. Lucky audience would have the chance to go backstage and take a peak at shirtless Shimansky, or snap some selfies with O’Pry. Peace out!

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