Paul Andrew X Edie Parker

Edie Parker has introduced a prospering glamour in the handbag industry with its durable acrylic materials and approachable price range. After scoring a place in the hands of countless fashion heiresses like Katy Perry and Kate Hudson, her clutches have earned their graceful way to become a certified must-have in the closet of every aspiring Carrie Bradshaw.

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Sure, fashionistas will yearn for more acrylic blink after holding the magic in their hands, but where should this magic land next? You will be jumping off from your closet straight to Bergdorf if I tell you that you can now have those blinks underneath your heels. Yes, Edie, together with shoe wizard, Paul Andrew, have just launched a mind-blowing collaboration, solely for the purpose of soothing down your dangerous shoe obsessions. Get excited for shoe-clutch mix-match game!

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For those who have four-digits-think-twice rule for shoes, you will have a thoughtful sleep tonight. The low-heeled sandals, which essentially are the simplest style, already score an $895 stamp on their price tags. This leaves you with a narrow shave one thousand dollar net price. The more avant-garde model, which comes handy with snobby collars and shoe laces, retails at only $1095, placing it not far from the basic slip-ons. Entering the wearability point of view, the main appeal of this collection is the iconic acrylic heels by Edie Parker, but can they stand the tough street of New York City? There is no denying that these series will add more flavors to your shoe closets, but please be aware of the price — make sure you can finance the rest of your fashion after placing them next to your Louboutins. And please don’t be that Cinderella who breaks their heels before she has the chance to abandon them for prince charming to find.

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