AMAs: What the Guys Are Wearing

Whoever the guys are wearing at last night’s American Music Awards, one thing is for sure: solids, prints, and metallic are taking over the stage. Below are the fashion houses that upgrade your favorite hunks to become music princes charming.

1. Drew Taggart and Alex Pall in Dior and Valentino

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Drew wore a jet black Dior suit with rose-printed white shirt, while the other half of the Chainsmokers, Alex, wore a solid maroon suit with dark-colored printed shirt by Valentino. Drew looked dapper, so dapper that Alex might get outdone by standing next to him.

2. Shawn Mendes in Emporio Armani

Shawn’s overall look was very dark. It was black from head-to-toe with only tiny white dots on the shirt as a contrasting factor. Different from the rest of the music cults who picked blazers, Shawn layered it up with a black leather jacket that complemented his masculinity.

3. Zayn Malik in Versace

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Despite his retro Instagram pictures, the host’s boyfriend surprised everyone by pulling off a low-key navy blazer with a plain black tee, and more surprisingly, they were Versace. We do not usually see Versace go that humble with motifs.

4. John Legend in Saint Laurent

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His white-on-white outfit and ripped jeans made his outfit seem very comfortable and effortless, while the metallic Saint Laurent bomber added a glamorous pop-star nuance to the overall look.

5. Diplo in Burberry

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Burberry trench cannot really go wrong, can they? But it can seem a little off-track when you walk them to a red carpet event.