Inside the Fashion of Our Beloved First Lady

A European-born fashion model who has spent some time living in Milan and Paris before residing permanently in New York, is now about to migrate to the white house on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington D.C. — yes the house that has been called a ‘home’ by fashion icons like Jacqueline Kennedy and Michelle Obama. She walked her road to a house full of Schonbek chandeliers with an admirable statement of creativity that embodied elegance and luxury. Let’s take a look at some of her designer pieces that have become loyal companies to her and her husband’s victory.

Roksanda Ilinsic

One of the advantages of being a fashion person is we know cool designers other than Gucci and LV, and this skill is going to be needed once we advance in life, or else our closets will be nothing but ‘GG’ and ‘LV’. Melania delivered her convention speech in Roksanda Ilinsic, a London-based designer who has dressed clients in the first-class league like Kate Middleton and Michelle Obama. The dress sold out after being seen on her.

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The first time I heard that she was wearing Fendi, my mind imagined her taking a bunch of pictures with Fendirumi life size dolls along with other A-list bloggers, in a chunky and colorful Fendi fur like the ones Kris Jenner had been wearing, but I was wrong; she wore the clean-cut white dress with posh and graciousness that pulled her farther and farther away from those playful days in her early modelling career.

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Ralph Lauren

No First Lady had been more fearless in taking the stage of victory than Melania Trump. She did not want to go basic in the day she secured herself the ‘First Lady’ title. I could imagine her throwing off a bunch of sack dresses on the marble floor of her penthouse trying not to be similar to her predecessors. She chose a Ralph Lauren off-the-shoulders white jumpsuit with wide opening on the legs that flaunted her envy-worthy figure.

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Balmain? A fashion house that is not the first to pop when we think of the First Lady. Perhaps it was because of the brand’s strong association with the Kardashian-Jenner clan, but Melania could not seem to care less about it. She pulled off a Balmain camel coat while casting the ballot for her ‘First Lady’ title. What a true embodiment of 21st century liberty and freedom.

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Well, we can still imagine the First Lady wearing this one. Melania pulled off this back-buttoned blouse like nobody’s business. She wore the trendy silk blouse with an enormous bow in front, similar to the one Jared Leto was wearing in a Gucci advertisement. The only difference is she opted for the bright pink one, instead of the earth color series.

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Gucci Guilty Commercial
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