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The life-size version of the whooping $1500 bag chains named Piro-Chan and Bug-Kun have become a main attraction on social media due to their success in scoring autographs with fashion heiress around the globe and snatching front-row seats at Fendi’s Milan Fashion Week show.

FendiRumi with Karl Lagerfeld. Courtesy of Elle Taiwan.
Bug-Kun with Kendall Jenner. Courtesy of Elle Taiwan.
Screen Shot 2016-11-13 at 1.19.47 am.png
FendiRumi at Fendi’s Milan Fashion Week. Courtesy of Elle Taiwan. 

Upon their huge success on their home-based in Ginza flagship store, the dramatic duo travel the fashion capitals to host parties at Fendi stores and attend to socialites’ selfie requests. Their presence quickly brings back the brand’s visibility, which has not been on-hype for quite some time after its impressive release of the peek-a-boo bag.

FendiRumi in London. Courtesy of Harrods.
FendiRumi in Milan. Courtesy of Elle Taiwan.
FendiRumi in China. Courtesy of South China Morning Post.
FendiRumi in Beverly Hills. Courtesy of @Fendi.
FendiRumi in New York City. Courtesy of @Fendi.
FendiRumi in Hong Kong. Courtesy of @Fendi.
Screen Shot 2016-11-13 at 1.41.18 am.png
FendiRumi in Tokyo. Courtesy of @Fendi.

Inspired by the Japanese character Kigurumi, which means ‘costumed performer’, Piro-Chan and Bug-Kun are gifts to those who have been yearning for Asian pop-culture in high fashion. The supposedly-female FendiRumi character, Piro-Chan, has a girly pink body, in kidassia and mink fur, with a pair of dazzling eyes made from crystals. Bug-Kun, which shows more masculinity and a sanguine expression with its triangular eyes positioned tilted down, is made from mink fur, kidassia fur, and fox hair on the head.



Accessories Cretive Director and founder of the house, Silvia Fendi, explains her intake on designing the duo:

“The inspiration for the FendiRumi arrived when I read about the huge Kigurumi-mania  in Japan and realized that they are considered like proper celebrities, attending major events as unique special mascots and decided that was interesting to create our own Fendi version to attend our events and fashion shows. They are very ironic, perfectly fitting in line with the FendiFun signature. Having had such a success at Fendi Ginza, I decided to create two small bag charms inspired by them and from the Bag Bugs and Qutweet iconic charm.”

Screen Shot 2016-11-13 at 1.16.55 am.png
FendiRumi with Silvia Fendi and Karl Lagerfeld. Courtesy of Essential Homme.

Let’s hope these sweeties do not end up on the sidewalks of Fifth Avenue like ‘CC’, ‘GG’, ‘LV’, and even its own ‘FF’.

Below are two photographs of me and FendiRumi life-size dolls on their ‘fur’well party in New York to wrap their visit in the United States after a shot of welcome party in Beverly Hills.

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