Noon by Noor: Effortless Luxury


This Spring/Summer 2017, Noon by Noor, Bahrain based and only getting better, has furnished a fantastic new look favorable to the season’s fix with fashion. In combining eastern and western influences, while evincing a strict minimalism, Noon by Noor continues to put out what we here take to be an adorable set necessary for any wardrobe. For those casual days, this is the ideal. Noon by Noor is perfect for those who enjoy the appropriateness of timeless fashion and comfort within confidence.

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Courtesy of Fashion GPS

This Suri linen coat, gold and grand, with the prestigious crepe de chine romper, is quite serious. Wear this when you want to use your fashion to show others how seriously you take yourself and how expensive your “I do” is.  Break expectations, form the best first impressions, at whatever serious affair you are at with this solemnly beautiful look.

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Courtesy of Fashion GPS

This stunning jacquard dress draws everyone’s attention, even the critic’s. The unique cut with its metallic aesthetic, while remaining perfect for bright hot days in the sun, is the epitome of “fun look” in any fashionable events you can think of. Things will only get out of hand while you are in this dress, and everyone else, after looking at you, will look forward to joining you in that fun.

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Courtesy of Fashion GPS

This blouse was definitely the show-stopper that had got the fashion elites wow-ing. Adopting the color and texture of the cherry blossoms, this asymmetrical art-piece will pierce attention in any type of events. You can pair it up with loose pants for an afternoon cocktail, and quickly switch the bottom up with pressed-body mermaid skirt for a more formal dinner later on in the evening.


Hosted by Brit it-girl, Alexa Chung, and fashion inspiration, Jessica Wan, the show could not be more star-studded than what it already was. Placed at early a.m on the first day of the fashion week, it was not anything near the word “laid-back,” everyone dressed to impress and posed to kill for the paparazzi.

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