Kim, We Are Waiting for You 

After being robbed at gunpoint in Paris, the lady, who has been given the title from as honorable as the ‘queen’ of Instagram to as hurtful as cottage cheese, seemed to have flied away from the surface of the Earth as she jet off from Paris two weeks ago. Loathe her or love her, look up or look down, our Instagram news feed is not complete without her presence, and the fashion world is not as fun without her fearless selfies. Here are the seven wonders of Kimberly’s most iconic fashion moments to ease what we miss.

1. Elegant Kim in Lanvin at the Opening of Charles James: Beyond Fashion Exhibition at the MET. 

2. Kim as Anna Wintour for the Halloween. 

3. Kim, the Givenchy bride. 

4. Kim in light blue, pearl-embroidered Balmain. 

5. Kamel Koat Kim

6. Kim in your dream chokers. 

7. Kim, in her most creative see-throughs.