VMA’S 2016: Style of the Moment

Boot-cut pants and cropped top that highlight your long legs and underline your lean waist as seen on supermodels Joan Smalls and Stella Maxwell, as well as Ariana Grande (well, Ariana does not have long legs, but she did it anyway).

Sheer fabrics that make them want to see more. In case you all have been waiting when Beyoncé is going to start wearing something that is not Givenchy. The wait is over. After mother Tina Lawson explicitly addressed her disappointment towards Beyoncé’s stylish that brought the name of the fashion house, Beyoncé is finally seen wearing a non-Givenchy dress on a red carpet appearance. Suspected Becky, Rita Ora, also proudly presents her skin on tonight’s VMA’s in Midtown Manhattan.

Figure-embracing dress for those with extreme curve and show-off hobby. Queen of rap, Nicki Minaj, and drama guru, Kim Kardashian, flaunt their circus bottoms and enormous boobs in this type of dress in dark colors. Kim chose to reveal a little more by letting the shadow of her nipples see the lights of the blitz.

The asymmetrical dress that keeps one leg hanging. Again, this look is appropriate only for those with a unique long leg like Taylor Hill’s and Chantelle Winnie’s decolored leg.