Short Trip to Havana with Nick Graham

Running errands between Cadillac House and Skylight Clarkson Square under the scorching hot sun in mid-July while clutching WWD and Daily Front Row with a bunch of press releases, fashion people were plain tired on the third day of New York Fashion Week and hoping there would be something more than just front row seats and camera blitz.

The designer who has become a regular go-to of the stars, Nick Graham, impressed the fashionista right even before the festive began by unleashing a group of seductive Cuban dancers in crystal-emblazoned bikinis and feather accessories to welcome and entertain fashion influencer attendees — an unthinkable approach that did not pin us at benches in a rectangular platform for half an hour.

Graham‘s way of pampering the guests did not stop there, he also gave out an airline voucher to Havana!
Ticket Voucher to Havana from Nick Graham and Havana Air. Fashion Times Daily.
The collections, together with the models, were brought over to the audience in a culturally rich set-up and nationally diverse formation. Each handsome demigod was called out from the backstage with his representative fictive name and country of origin to further emphasize where the inspiration of that one particular look came from.

Each look was unique enough to surprise the audience, but uniform enough to reassure that that they all ensconce under Spring/Summer 2017.  The highlight of the show was the light-colored three-piece suits with creative motifs which were paired with fedora hat and creative bottoms.

Among all the on-point looks, this is the one look that’s got Manhattan’s chiming. Plain white tank with linen blue jacket and see-through scarf as the pants.
brian shimansky nick graham
Brian Shimansky for Nick Graham Spring/Summer 2017. Courtesy of Fashion GPS.