The Story of Edgy Gigi

Her name is on everybody’s lip right now. Vogue refers to her as the supermodel. Ed Razek has anointed her to become a Victoria’s Secret angel immediately after her star rockets. She is part of Taylor Swift’s most talked-about squad and one of many Kardashian loyal allies. Fashion week? She has walked the runway of the most coveted shows like Balmain, Elie Saab, and the mother of all shows, Chanel.

Gigi Hadid shows no sign of slowing down. This coming Autumn, she will become the front face of Tommy Hilfiger’s new perfume line ‘The Girl.’ Gigi, who is currently dating British pop phenomenon Zayn Malik, proves that her appeal as a world-class model not only lies in her look, but also personality and character. Despite being the star of the campaign, the 21-year-old fashion diamond has also become the inspiration of the fragrance. The advertisement that presents Gigi as a lady-boss who seems to enjoy commanding a group of hunky sailor men highlights her cheerful, optimistic, and confident personality that all American ladies would love to have. Fashion wise, her effortless style embodies the vision of modern ‘Tommy Girl’ that the brand has always geared towards, said the designer.

Watch the short clips from Tommy Hilfiger and Gigi’s mother, Yolanda Hadid.