Shows that Go Beyond Black and White Runway 

A small number of ambitious fashion houses are not settle to have phrases like ‘outstanding collections’ or ‘wonderful presentation’ as their rewards after months and months of hectic preparations and careful plannings on their shows. The desire to move on from the stigma of being just ‘another show’ on ‘another fashion week’ forces them to break the crystal ceiling of fashion industry. From refashioning wimpy plywood to a fashion airport to transforming an architectural landmark to become their magical runway — these fashion houses take the risk to do the unimaginable to prove that their creativity is beyond what is worn by the models.


Spring/Summer 2016 was the season Karl Lagerfeld became a step closer to his dream of realizing an airport where everyone can enjoy. The 82-year-old fashion guru mentioned in a gist that airport, a place that almost no man can escape from, should become an enjoyable place that makes ‘boarding a pleasure’, and not a ‘nightmare like what it is now.’ We all cannot wait to see airport staff and flight attendants wearing double ‘C’ as their brooch and classic Chanel Jumbo in caviar as their office-hour purse (not the lamb skin fashion bunnies, they easily scratch!).

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Kendall Jenner Wearing Chanel. Yannis Vlamos/

cara chanel show alessandro garofalo_indigitalimages
Cara Delevingne waiting at Chanel airport. Yannis Vlamos/

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Rindoff/Getty Images


Taking place in the city of the redeemer Rio de Janeiro, Louis Vuitton 2017 cruise was definitely a show that will not soon be forgotten by the fashion people. The leggy spiral ramp around MAC de Niterói makes the runway walk very alluring, forcing every VIP head to turn as the models weave down the sensual curve of the runway. Under the creative command of Monsieur Nicolas Ghesquière, the fashion house that had the privilege to host the 2016 MET Gala pampered their A-list guests with a breathtaking view of Guanabara Bay and the Atlantic Ocean.

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Louis Vuitton’s Instagram

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Zendaya at Louis Vuitton cruise 2017. Getty Images.


The robotic lights at the opening of Saint Laurent’s Autumn/Winter 2016 could easily be mistaken as fireflies that were trying to break into Los Angeles’ fashion scene. The fashion house, which then was helmed by Heidi Slimane, slowly transitioned the technological centric show to become a musical fashion celebration that creatively drifted the models in a diagonal direction. The glam and the blitz of the show were further glamorized by a series of fashion elites like Justin Bieber, who came with his skateboard, and Lady gaga, who wore abstract blonde hair like she never had done before.

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Lady Gaga at Saint Laurent’s show. Larry Busacca/Getty Images

justin bieber ysl
Justin Bieber’s Arrival at the Palladium Los Angeles for Saint Laurent’s show.

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Miquel Veit/



To say that American designers are not as capable as their European counterparts is not only an understatement but also a fraud insult. Tommy Hilfiger went all out to fetch Caribbean ambience to the Big Apple where the highly anticipated New York Fashion Week revolutionizes the trend biannually. Not only did the designer score an ‘A’ in effort, he indeed was successful in bringing the socialite-attendees to the tropical beach of Caribbean for fifteen minutes. Runway magically mutating to become a muddy pond, sun-soaked atmosphere, and Gigi Hadid covered in her sweet summer sweat — this show was truly a magical transformation that had become Manhattan’s memoir for the season.

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Gigi Hadid for Tommy Hilfiger Spring/Summer 2016. Gianni Pucci/