The Emancipation of Hervé Legér’s Corset Dresses

Its artwork has embraced Kim Kardashian’s wavy body back when she was only a local West Hollywood socialite, and Victoria Beckham’s statuelike figure in the day where she still wore that blonde bob hair. Under the creative supervision of Max and Lubov Azria, Hervé Legér has come up with a series of unprecedented eccentricity that one had surely never anticipated. Hervé Legér, without putting aside its signature corset dresses as canvases, fearlessly experimented with micro color stripes and confidently anointed metals as accessories. In terms of detachable accessories, fashion people were made surprised by the audacious combination of a navy corset dress and a fluffy parka in similar color. This, by far, is the boldest fashion move that the fashion house has ever adopted.

Cutting wise, the collections also do not intend to go humble. From full-length, to V-neck, to complete sleeveless and one-shoulder, the agogo dresses come in any possible cuts that highlight every inch of your curve.

The glam and the glitz of #NYC fashion scene. #NYFW @herveleger A/W 16

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