Marchesa: The Rise of Fashion Liberty

As an author and fashionista, observing the trend every season has become my everyday muse, and this season, I was amazed by the wonderful Marchesa Autumn/Winter 16 show that took place in Skylight at Moynihan Station on February 17, 2016. Georgina and Keren transformed the show into a magical play the way other designers had never done before. The colors, the flowers, the blink, and the blitz formed a harmony that makes me feel heaven for ten minutes. Why so floral isn’t it an Autumn/Winter show? How could pink and lime green present in the collections, shouldn’t they be about earth color during the autumn? Unlike most shows, the collections are very non-uniform; black, bright red, cotton candy pink, and baby blue all jump into the show, why so?

marchesa 2
Luka Tambolini
Ladies should be fashionable, not season-able, and being fashionable does not necessarily have to follow the seasons. Marchesa is successful in portraying a fashion liberty through its Autumn/Winter 16. It provides a wide range of color, fabric, and dress type that can represent your mood and your identity. The collections vary from a fantastic red dress for the Met Gala to a simple black gown that the ladies can wear to almost every occasion.

Under the wing of luxury fashion, fashionista are looking for a thousand and one things; lace, crystals, pattern, and prints are some of the materials that are highly sought after. Same thing with colors, they would love to have as many color combination as possible that can accommodate their needs and wants. I can tell that Georgina and Keren pay special attention to the details of the dresses. One baby pink dress was emblazoned with lime green Swarovski crystals while the red dress was fully made up of satin flowers and tulle. The show was blatant in showing variations, unlike other shows; I did not see a group of ladies army wearing leafy green walking down the runway.

Marchesa finale
Harper’s Bazaar Arabia

All in all, why cross out floral in the autumn? Why abolish the color just to get the world say ‘you follow the season’? Why blend in when you can stand out?

Marchesa picture 1
Fashion Times Daily