Jenny Packham’s Angelic Discotheque

What’s better than spending the Valentine’s day with wall of roses and candle light dinner at Balthazar? Sitting at the front row of Jenny Packham’s show actually IS more rewarding than those two.

Jenny did an unbelievable job in synchronizing her collections with the disco theme of the show. From the start, you can see the discotheque nuance in the collections from the crystals that she thoughtfully ensconces on her every collection. The long sequin dress whose color smoothly transitions from hot red to baby pink was the highlight of the show. The use of the crystal was not excessive but rather creative. The designer who has become Duchess of Cambridge’s constant go-to for haute pieces seems to have a perfect sense of where, when, and how to combine the crystals in every attire. This knowledgeable allocation of crystals make her collections stand out among those of other designers that scatter the Swarovski all over and let them land by luck.

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Courtesy of Jenny Packham

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Besides being successful in keeping her collections in harmony with the theme. The show evenly reflected different types of clothing that a woman could ever need. From separates to evening gowns to sack dresses, Jenny successfully shows her distinguished skills in designing all types of women’s clothing.

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Courtesy of Jenny Packham